A brief message from LunAds™ founder

Ads from space, projected onto the lunar surface, filmed and beamed directly to devices anywhere. This responsible method is not obtrusive and does not alter the lunar canvas in any way.

LunAds™ is a new innovative way of advertising. It is a patented and trademarked solution which finally delivers a responsible and non obtrusive method of advertising from space. This method although based in space preserves the night sky for enjoyment by all.

Historically advertising outside the Earth’s atmosphere was conducted by physically launching objects into space, unfurling banners onboard spacecraft or during spacewalks (EVA – Extra Vehicular Activity), placing ads on the sides of rockets and other ways.

The space advertising methods employed thus far have been very short lived, one time only and enjoyed by a limited audience. Similarly, other methods have been proposed, but have proven economically unviable, unethical or outside the current regulations for advertising in space.

LunAds™ addresses all of these points and its inventor has ensured this new solution is:

  • Repeatable
  • Responsible and Ethical
  • Non Obtrusive
  • Open to All
  • Innovative
  • Deliverable Using Current Technology and Hardware
  • Suitable in Today’s Space Commercialisation Climate

LunAds™ gives brands and advertising agencies the edge on the currently utilised advertisement delivery mechanisms. LunAds™ is:

  • New – LunAds™ is the newest and probably the most futuristic and innovative addition to the many advertising media currently available. LunAds™ finally allows advertising from space

  • Sought After – Space has been a long awaited advertising platform. Previous efforts have lacked longevity due to costs, one use only nature and obtrusive nature of attempts. LunAds™ makes all of these points obsolete and offers a refreshing solution

  • Responsible – LunAds™ satisfies current rules and regulations in place for space advertising. It will not obliterate any astronomical phenomena, hence preserve the night sky

  • Platform Diverse – LunAds™ advertisements can be transmitted and displayed on many current devices, displays, AV setups and digital display boards, static and mobile

  • Attractive – LunAds™ is attractive to brands, agencies and the public, especially to those with an interest in ethical space commercialisation, innovative, novel and unique advertisement delivery

LunAds™ brings advertising into the space age.