Frequently Asked Questions

LunAds™ has attracted great interest and generated excitement. Many view LunAds™ as a viable addition to advertising media, especially as we embark on a new age of space commercialisation.

As with any new untried technology there are questions regarding deployment, operation and ongoing use. Here are a few key questions we have been asked so far:

Why use LunAds?
Anyone using LunAds will assert themselves and secure indelible bragging rights as the brand / agency who finally placed ads in space on a continuous basis. They will be recognised as forward thinking and ahead of competitors.

Can content delivered by LunAds be seen from the Earth with the unaided eye?
No. Current regulations regarding adverts in space are very strict and are laid out in 49 U.S.C. 70102. When thinking of adverts from space the common perception is of banners and messages which can be easily read from Earth, which is classed Obtrusive Space Advertising and defined as ‘‘advertising in outer space that is capable of being recognized by a human being on the surface of the Earth without the aid of a telescope or other technological device.’’ Obtrusive Space Advertising is banned, so LunAds works in a clever alternative way by transmitting images onto the unlit surface of the moon and filming them to be delivered on devices. The proliferation of advertising banners in space is not desirable (or legal), which is why LunAds is delivered in this way. LunAds is a responsible and acceptable method of space advertising and works within the rules laid down.

Finally, once operational anyone with a sufficiently powerful telescope will be able to ‘LunAds Spot’ on the lunar surface, from Earth.

Anyone can create an ad and superimpose the moon
Yes, but LunAds is genuinely advertising from the moon. Space advertising has long been a desire and LunAds delivers this capability. Also, a brand or agency making such false claims may go against the advertising code of conduct. Any brand or agency who knowingly misleads the public by stating their ads are either driven by LunAds or have appeared on the lunar surface when they haven’t can damage their credibility and market standing.

With today’s ingenious technology and software any ad can be placed onto any background to mislead the public of its authenticity. But there still remains the human desire to accurately portray claims without deception. The thrill and self satisfaction of advertising from space remains attractive and continues to drive the desire to make use of this medium.

LunAds delivers ads from space, within the law, using ingenious methods not yet thought of by others. Users of LunAds can tell their customers with confidence their ads have come from the moon.

Is LunAds a one off event only?
No. LunAds is based on a perpetual model with ongoing revenue generation. As LunAds uses the lunar surface as its ‘billboard’ new ads and campaigns can be shown as with any other advertising medium. In addition if used only once, there could be a public backlash focussing on the wastefulness of the platform and the vanity of the advertiser, which may adversely affect reputation.

LunAds is the new advertising medium and is here to stay for many to utilise as this desire of finally advertising in space becomes an ongoing reality.

Is LunAds only beneficial to the first adopter?
No. LunAds is an advertising method as any other with the difference it is based is space. As with other advertising methods, it makes perfect sense to utilise LunAds on an ongoing basis. There is no need to discard a method of advertising after its first use and this is also true of LunAds. The very first brand to display their ad using LunAds will date stamp history with an indelible mark as the first to advertise in space in this way. But subsequent advertisers will share in the novelty of space advertising.

Why would an advertiser want to use this as a medium?
LunAds may not appeal to all, but for those who find the prospect of advertising in space very appealing it can be used for event, experiential and unique innovative publicity going forward. LunAds gives brands and advertisers the edge as they make use of space for advertising and publicity.

What does LunAds offer?
LunAds offers a platform from which various epoch defining events can be publicised to the entire world and can be used as any other medium in campaigns. Data and statistical gathering is possible, which can be used to gauge clicks, effectiveness, conversions, loyalty and other required information during customers’ discovery experience with various touchpoints, on the customer Emotional Selling Proposition journey and within the B2B and B2C experience.

It sounds like LunAds is an expensive proposition, can it use existing hardware in lunar orbit to deliver the solution?
LunAds is a complete rethink of space ad delivery and as such requires a completely new craft built to the specifications and requirements. Currently there is no craft in lunar orbit with the required equipment on board which can be used to deliver LunAds.

LunAds has been fortunate to partner with a very successful and respected player in the field who can build, launch, deploy and support LunAds missions. They have experience in Lunar activities and can deliver LunAds up to 200 times cheaper than any of their competitors.

What is the ideal scenario, single user or a multiuser platform?
Either scenario suits as LunAds is capable of hosting many users. 

Many brands will take an ethical stance regarding advertising on moon
LunAds is a well thought out space advertising solution and does so in a responsible ethical way falling within all the laws set out for space advertising. LunAds does not alter the moon in any way. Once ads have finished, they disappear without a trace.

In contrast plans are now underway for various companies to exploit the moon for minerals and resources using methods which will change its surface, appearance and geology forever.

LunAds is only projecting temporary images on the surface of the moon.