LunAds™; Brought to the World by

LunAds is an awe inspiring new approach to advertising which the world has never seen before. How impressive will it be to have ads from the Moon?

To achieve this, the forward thinking innovators listed below are working with their and other teams to bring LunAds to the world through science, spaceflight, engineering, marketing, publicity and imagineering.


Anthony Goolab, Owner and Creator

Errol McGlothan, CCO

Kay Morris-Robertson, Program Director

Interorbital Systems

Randa Milliron, CEO, Co Founder and Marketing Director

Roderick Milliron, CTO, Co Founder and Chief Designer

Reflection Advertising

Joe Labaki, Owner & Managing Director

Hani Najjar, Managing Partner

Intercosmic Space Programs

LunAds is being brought to the world by Intercosmic Space Programs, an umbrella brand which will introduce further innovative space solutions