LunAds Partners with Interorbital Systems

As LunAds prepares to become the first repeatable and perpetual space advertising method from space it is very fortunate to have found and be partnered with rocket and spacecraft manufacturer Interorbital Systems (IOS).

Interorbital started in 1996 when its founders chose the Moon and Venus as achievable destinations and began creating the launch vehicles required for both these missions. Lunar research activities were conducted with IOS’ sister organization Trans Lunar Research (TLR), a 501 c 3 non-profit scientific / educational organisation. The spacelaunch hardware designed and flown in IOS and TLR’s early years was perfected for entry into the Google Lunar X Prize. Provision of launch and lander capability for the Google Lunar X Prize Team SYNERGY MOON and other lunar activities reinforce Interorbital’s industry wide reputation as the ‘go-to’ people for those with lunar aspirations (such as LunAds).

Interorbital offers flexible private spaceport or ‘clean-pad’ (no or minimal infrastructure required) land and ocean launch methods which allows on-demand customer scheduling and inclination flexibility. To supplement its standing, Interorbital is completing the development of its LunarStation Moon Lander to provide low-cost commercial access to the Lunar surface. Interorbital’s roadmap is impressive and includes missions to Mars, Venus and Titan.

In recognition of continued Interorbital success and reputation in the industry, the United States Air Force (USAF) AFWERX has added IOS to their Engage Space Showcase as a leader in the space commercialisation category.

Interorbital continues to blaze a trail in space exploration and commercialisation offering its ultra-affordable professional quality CubeSat and TubeSat Kits, perfect for academia, restricted budget projects, and enterprises. With such an impressive record, Interorbital can boast some of the best known organisations in its launch customer portfolio.

The in-house approach adopted by Interorbital has made it the natural choice for LunAds, along with its very attractive costs. Interorbital can build, launch, deploy and support LunAds at a cost which is up to 200 times cheaper than any other competitor. And as Interorbital also offers the world’s lowest priced interplanetary launch service with its NEPTUNE Series vehicles, they are a natural solution for when LunAds prepares to rollout on further bodies in our solar system.

LunAds and IOS, based in the UK and US respectively have teamed up at an epoch-defining moment in space exploration and commercialisation. LunAds can harness all the IOS expertise, history, success and proven processes to finally make space advertising and space branding a reality.

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