Why Advertise Via LunAds™?

Advertising has and will always be a very powerful tool for anyone who wishes to announce a new product, service, development or anything else. Advertisers are constantly looking to harness new advertising media. Space has not been a suitable advertising medium because of the limiting regulations and public discontent with obstructive advertising entities. LunAds™ works within the strict regulations and is not an obstructive advertising entity. LunAds™ can now open up space for advertising.

LunAds™ has arrived at a time where space commercialisation is making huge advancements. Thus far, long running advertising campaigns from space have proven elusive, until now. LunAds™ can economically run advertisements on a perpetual basis. LunAds™ will responsibly deliver advertisements from space, without the loss of astronomical observation enjoyment or disfiguration of the displaying ‘canvas’, as the ads are beamed optically to an opaque solid surface of a celestial body.

As well as an advertising method, LunAds™ can be used to host public participation events. Be the first to spot the lottery numbers, or see the result of a long awaited public vote.