What’s New With LunAds™?

At Last, A Repeatable, Perpetual, Non Obtrusive and Responsible Method For Space Advertising; LunAds™

October 2023

Anthony is very happy he and his team based in Dubai, London and South Africa have officially launched the LunAds Expression of Interest (EOI) under their new innovative umbrella brand and company Intercosmic Space Programs.

August 2022

Feeling very privileged to be published in the California Herald

August 2022

Very Happy to be published in Disrupt Magazine

May 2021

LunAds was very privileged to be mentioned during the Interplanetary Small Satellite Conference organised and hosted by Caltech, MIT, Cornell, the University of Michigan, JPL, and NASA’s Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute.

And this happened on May the Fourth! (very auspicious).

Full afternoon’s proceedings can be found here

February 2021

The age of space commercialisation has truly arrived with a paradigm shift; space is no longer the domain of just governments or national space agencies. Increasingly private entities of all sizes can undertake activities in space…Read More

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