What is LunAds™ and How Does it Work?


What is LunAds™?

A patented, trademarked, new and unique method to bring advertisements from Space to consumers; anywhere on Earth or throughout the Solar System.

It is completely non obtrusive as defined in:

49 U.S.C. 70102, is ‘‘advertising in outer space that is capable of being recognized by a human being on the surface of the Earth without the aid of a telescope or other technological device.’’

LunAds™ is responsible and environmentally friendly wherever it operates. There is no alteration of the surface as the system delivers advertisements via a projection and image capture system at altitude.

There is no adverse interaction with astronomical phenomena as ads are displayed on opaque, solid surfaces of unlit celestial bodies.

LunAds™ is a responsible method of advertising from space and the patent extends to all celestial bodies.

How Does LunAds™ Work?

Advertising messages are projected from above and displayed on the unlit phases of celestial bodies. The same projecting system films and transmits ad displays back to the viewing audience via devices and AV equipment.

This filming and transmission allows the projected image to be sufficiently small as to not be seen with the naked eye. The transmitted image will be of such resolution to allow enlargement on the viewing hardware, screen or display.

This system is non obtrusive as the advertisements are projected onto solid opaque surfaces, so allows continued observation of space phenomena as normal beyond the ‘canvas’. LunAds™ does not alter the surface of celestial bodies to reveal messages, it is purely optical.

LunAds™ as well as advertising can be used to deliver mass public participation events, where results are eagerly awaited. Such events may be lottery results announced at a particular time via LunAds™. The mobile nature of the delivery spacecraft could ensure a level of suspense and anticipation while the public wait for events to take place, or try to spot the projections using very high powered telescopes.

Current technology is sufficient for development and deployment.

5…..4…. 3… 2.. 1. 0 LunAds is GO!